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Case interview videos: watch two standout performances

Being ready for a case interview at a top consulting firm is about far more than mastering technical skills, such as structuring, case math, and synthesis. In addition to excelling in all the problem-solving assessment dimensions, you must also be able to solve any case with confidence, credibility, and rock-solid case leadership.

A candidate’s presence, communication skills, and attitude can take their performance from being technically sound to worthy of an offer from a top-tier firm like McKinsey, BCG or Bain.

So what does all this look like? Here, we share two interviews from our Interview Prep Course that show well-prepared candidates delivering standout performances while answering common types of case interview questions.

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FlashFash: a mergers and acquisitions case

Featuring two ex-McKinsey consultants, this video is the most-watched independent case interview video on YouTube, with over a million views.

Model Case Interview

The video shows best-in-class performance across the entire range of case interview case assessment dimensions, including:

  • crafting a custom structure by drawing on an established framework
  • responding to case math questions confidently and accurately, verbalizing the response throughout
  • generating meaningful insights from data provided in an exhibit, and commenting on the impact of these insights on an emerging hypothesis
  • synthesizing a solution and next steps efficiently in a compelling conclusion
  • demonstrating strong case leadership from start to finish
  • developing rapport with the interviewer, communicating with confidence and poise

Canadian Wildlife Federation: a strategy case

This video shows an interview between a former McKinsey interviewer and a real candidate who went on to receive an offer from the firm:


This video shows strong examples of:

  • asking the right kinds of clarifying questions
  • structuring the case effectively
  • drawing insights from exhibits, commenting on them at a high level without getting lost in the detail
  • conducting calculations confidently and accurately
  • leading the interviewer through the case and driving the conversation

In addition, we see the interviewer explain how the candidate could have performed better in a few key areas, including verbalizing his calculations and concluding the case.

Want to nail your own interview performance? Here’s how to prepare

Now you know what a standout case interview performance looks like, you should have a better idea of which areas you need to focus on in order to perform at the same level.

Our Interview Prep Course can help you improve your performance in every dimension of the case interview. As well as all the video lectures, case material, and practice tools you’ll need, the course contains 15 sample case interview videos that feature real candidates who went on to join top firms.

While watching these videos is a good way of developing your understanding of what exceptional performance looks like, nothing can beat practicing live cases with a partner.

Most candidates who go on to receive an offer from a top consulting firm like McKinsey, BCG or Bain complete at least 25 live practice sessions before their interview. At CaseCoach, we can connect you with a diverse community of fellow candidates who are all available for case interview practice in our Practice Room.

Together, these resources and tools will help you hone your skills so that you can deliver your own standout case interview performance.

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