About CaseCoach

    CaseCoach was founded by Enguerran Loos.

    Enguerran is a former Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company and an MBA graduate from Columbia Business School. At Columbia, Enguerran received offers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain. At McKinsey, he led the firm’s recruiting efforts at MIT Sloan.

    Enguerran is also the Founder of InnerSquare, a leading recruitment firm serving the top-3 management consultancies. One in four of the candidates selected and prepared by Enguerran have received an offer from these firms. Enguerran has placed 140+ candidates at the top-3 management consultancies.

    Enguerran started CaseCoach to give more candidates access to his exclusive interview preparation techniques. CaseCoach is now the market-leading case interview preparation platform. It is used by 40+ leading universities globally and by one of the top-3 consulting firms to prepare their candidates, as well as by thousands of individuals looking for the best interview prep expertise.