Practicing cases only on your own is not a substitute for live practice with other candidates. Believing that you can practice cases only on your own will lead to a rejection. In our experience placing 100+ candidates at top-3 firms, we have never seen anyone getting the job without practicing at least 25+ cases with someone playing the role of the interviewer. Our candidates that did not practice that much were all rejected.

That said, we do recommend candidates to do some practice on their own, for example:

  • Structure case questions on your own. By spending 5 minutes per case, you can read the case question, come up with a structure, and reflect on whether it could be improved. In 5 hours you will have structured 60 cases
  • Read case questions and their solutions. This will help you to familiarise yourself with a variety of industries and question types
  • Watch sample interview videos

You can also subscribe to online courses, such as the one on Casecoach. In our course you will find short lectures explaining the key skills assessed by the firms and teaching you techniques to build and demonstrate these skills. You will also find videos of interviews conducted with candidates who went to join BCG, McKinsey or Bain. All this can be done on your own- and in your own time!

To get some case free case material for your practice, just sign up on Casecoach. You can also watch a sample case interview video here: